We have all heard about the care and love parents have for their children. Parents support their children, nourish them and provide them with every possible thing. Parents help their children with physical, social, financial and career development. They try to find happiness in their child’s happiness.

“A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.”

– Robert Brault

But some times many parents have unknowingly provided lifetime pain to their children. The societal pressure and social stigma related to the life of their child engulfs their wits. Well the following story of a lady, who does not want to reveal her identity will help our readers to relate better. Here’s a story in her own words-

“It was the most stormy night of my life. It had been eight years with my boyfriend and one fine day my father wanted me to get married to a stranger he had chosen for me. I was completely taken aback with his decision. As soon as I got this news I spoke to my parents and informed them about my relationship. My father slapped me right and left and said he could never approve of my relationship with a man of another religion. I was resilient and told my parents that I would only marry him, but I was unaware of the things which were approaching. My father took ill that night and suddenly I became the villain of my family. My mother started abusing me for my father’s deteriorated health and my father declared that he would only eat or drink anything when I would agree to marry the man he chose for me. The mental torment I suffered during that time is something I would never wish for anyone. One day I had to give up and agree to my father’s decision because his health had deteriorated a lot.


I still have one question in my mind, ‘Why couldn’t my parents see my pain?’ I was devastated to an extent that nothing could soothe me. I rang up my boyfriend told him everything and I wonder what made him love me so much that he said, “You take care of yourself. I know you are feeling pathetic right now”. He further added that both of us knew that inter-religion marriage wouldn’t have been easier. His last few words of that day’s conversation still fills me with guilt, he had said “I am always there for you whenever you need any kind of help. Please try to maintain the smile on your face because that had made me fall for you.”

I was feeling guilty because somewhere I knew that my family would never approve of this relationship still I chose to stay in the relationship. Though we had discussed this matter several times but each time I would ask him to separate he would say you are always welcome to my family. Well it’s been twelve years of my marriage with the man of my father’s choice and I don’t remember one single day when I had not recalled all the memories of my beautiful relationship in the past. My husband is a descent man and we have an eight year old son. But he is not the man I wanted. I have been overlooked everyday, he is insensitive to my problems, he is not at all cooperative. I used to be the most jolly and bubbly girl but things are not same anymore. My mother had noticed this change in me but according to my mother, I should be thankful to God because he neither abuses me nor does he raise his hand on me.


The day my mother had said these words, that day I had cried inconsolably because I recalled how sensitive my boyfriend used to be to each and every thing related to me. In fact, even today he is the one who wishes me first on my birthday and still cares for me the most. He too is married and is blessed with a very beautiful wife and two sons. We still meet sometimes to discuss our lives and contemplate how unfair life has been to us. He is the one who understands me the best and has been there for me whenever I needed him. Even he claims that I have been a companion beyond comparison.

You know my parents clearly see the change in me, even they know the reason of this dreary face of mine but they are satisfied and happy that I did not marry the man I loved. I wonder what makes them so selfish. I take care of my parents and accompany them whenever they need me. I am not happy since the day I had to break up from my boyfriend, it felt worst when someone else touched me for the first time but I could not stop him from doing this because I had no explanation. Basically I have lost myself meanwhile assembling everything around. I wish no other couple has to face this sort of affliction. I believe that love is beyond everything unfortunately some of us don’t understand this. I can never forgive my parents for what they have done to me and I wish each one of us rise above our prejudices. That man from other religion still cares for me more than anyone else, what more could I have expected out of love?”

So, don’t you think this lady deserved her share of happiness? Who is her culprit? She is living a life which none of us would ever wish to live. Is it okay to kill our child’s soul in order to fit into the societal norms? A lot of couples face this kind of separation and somehow this indicates how we fail as a society.


“We need to learn combating prejudice and bigotry.”

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