The news of Bihar Board fake topper Ruby Rai led to the mushrooming of unregulated thoughts which maligned every Bihari’s image. The society’s urge to jump to conclusions without any retrospection and judge the entire community based on one single person has done enough for the Biharis to be only known for fake mark sheets, less intellect and its bhojpuri songs. And I wonder why did the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi fell on deaf ears when he said

“Every Bihari is proud of Bihar Regiment’s valour at Ladakh”

at the launch of the Garib Kalyan Rojgaar Abhiyaan.


The land of Bihar has been blessed with gems like Sub-lieutenant Shivangi Singh, the Muzaffarpur girl who created history to become the first woman pilot serving in the Indian Navy, the Darbhanga girl Bhawana Kanth, one of the first female fighter pilots of India. I wonder where did the same storm of hype about Biharis went when these women created history. Adding to the list, the famous Ramon Magsaysay awardee Indian journalist Ravish Kumar too hails from Motihari, Bihar. Bihar and UPSC has a deep relation resulting to the highest numbers of IAS, IPS and IFS aspirants.

Bihar’s son , the Indian Lok Nayak, Jayprakash Narayan’s illimitable contribution to the Indian politics and social development is beyond praise. Satyendra Narayan Singh, the former Chief Minister of Bihar was the leading man of Jayprakash Narayan’s complete Revolution Movement during the emergency . India’s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad was born in Ziradei, Bihar. Jagjivan Ram, the Defense Minister during Indo-Pak war 1971, hails from Bihar too. Kunwar Singh had played a major role during India’s First War of Independence 1857, by leading the rebellion in Jagdishpur Bihar , currently a part of Bhojpur district of Bihar . Yadunanda Sharma, the leader of Reora Satyagraha hails from Bihar too. The founder of All India Kisan Sabha, Sahajanand Saraswati established Ashram at Patna, Bihar. Sheel Bhadra Yajee joined Subash Chandra Bose to lay foundation of All India Forward Bloc in 1939. He was also associated with the Congress Socialist Party and Kisan Movement. Basawan Singh and Yogendra Shukla were the founding members of the Congress Socialist Party in Bihar. Yogendra Shukla was one of the founding members of the Hindustan Socialist Association (HSRA) too. All the above mentioned names and their respective contribution to the Indian society clearly indicates the important role played by the people of Bihar in the Indian Independence Struggle.


I wonder why is Bihar only judged on the basis of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s fodder scam and why do people deliberately choose to overlook the great work of Shri Krishna Sinha, the first Chief Minister of Bihar, who led to the Dalit entry into Baidyanath Dham temple, Deoghar and abolished Zamindari System. Bihar is not what Bollywood portrays, in fact Bihar has provided Bollywood with finest actors like Satrughan Sinha, Manoj Bajpayee, Sushant Singh Rajput, Pankaj Tripathi, Neha Sharma , Shekhar Suman, Gurmeet Singh  and Akhilendra Mishra.

I have seen people looking down upon Biharis and unfortunately I have even heard people saying ” I am not Bihari enough! ” and I wonder what makes them say so. Aren’t Bihari people normal ? What are they actually ashamed of ? Do they even know anything about Bihar’s glorious history?

Bihar is the ground where two beautiful religion of Buddhism and Jainism originated. It was lord Mahavira and lord Buddha who raised the idea of non-violence from the land of Bihar. Bihar is the birth place of tenth Sikh Guru , Guru Gobind Singh and the holy Harmindir Takth is in Patna, Bihar. During the Vedic period Bihar was the center of trade and culture. From the kingdom of Magadh, Mithila, Anga, Janaka, Vijji, Vaishali, Sakyapradeh and Mauryan dyansty to the Gupta empire, Bihar has always been politically indomitable. Bihari people are known for their high Mathematical intellect, no wonder the great Mathematician Aryabhatta was born in Patliputra ( present day Patna, Bihar). Bihar was the epicenter of knowledge  in the ancient period , with the presence of Nalanda University. Nalanda library attracted people from all over the world and the library was so huge that it kept on burning for three months when Bakhtiyar Khilji had set it on fire. Bihar plains are among the most fertile plains of the world and the hard working people of Bihar contribute in huge quantities to the agriculture produce of India. The iconic symbol of Bihar’s culture is the ‘Chhath festival’ devoted to Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya. The three day festival leaves each home with mouth watering ‘thekuas’ . Mahabodhi temple , Bodhi tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment , Muchalinda lake, Vishnupad Temple, Sher Shah Suri’s tomb are the major tourist attractions in Bihar. Gaya in Bihar is a Hindu pilgrimage site and holds deep veneration in the hearts of many. The state of Bihar has earned Geographical Indication(GI) tags for its various products like Madhubani Paintings, Bhagalpur silk, Sikki Grass Work , Magahi Paan, Katarni Rice and Zardalu mango. Bihar’s Shahi litchi of the Muzaffarpur and Zardalu mango are the best gifts to the nation from Bihar. There are innumerable reasons to love Bihar still people find out ways to jibe at Biharis. People tend to judge without giving a second thought to their views .


Indians should be proud about the fact that such a vibrant state (Bihar) is a part of their own country. Bihar is often considered to be the land of labourers because they are found working as labours in other states of the country , the hard working people of Bihar adjust themselves to any working conditions and this makes Bihar unique in its own way. So, RETHINK! before entitling Bihari people with insulting remarks. And an earnest request to the Biharis reading this – feel proud to be blessed with Bihari genes because they are one of the finest genes in the entire gene pool, munch on ‘litti chokha’ and keep spreading love . Jai Bihar!


Shashank · June 28, 2020 at 8:32 pm

a blissful complacence aroused in me after reading this article about BIHAR…Big thumbs up to the fact that this blog is itself being published by a prudent BIHARI girl.🙌👌🤝

Nilay Roy · June 29, 2020 at 6:58 am

Wonderful writing.

Anand Roy · July 1, 2020 at 5:13 am

Very well written with authentic facts and figures.

Anil kumar · July 4, 2020 at 5:58 am

Good depiction.

Anil kumar · July 4, 2020 at 6:01 am

Good depiction. It rpresents all the sentiments and metality. Say proudly I’m bihari.

Nitu roy · September 11, 2020 at 9:21 pm

Wonderful……. 👍

Dr Meena Joshi · September 11, 2020 at 9:40 pm

Great write up…..a bihari should be proud of being a bihari…Jai Bharat

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