“Helping people by charity is the most human thing we can do”

Oprah Winfrey

In May 2017, a day before the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan, Shabnam Banu’s mind got occupied with a thought. A thought that led to the commencement of “Dua Foundation”. It was a normal day for Shabnam, she was returning from her office and while returning she was disturbed with a sight that struck her empathetic mind. Near Dalhousie mazaar, she saw families dwelling in slums in the worst possible condition. The malnourished children, the lanky aged people and the plight of the lactating mothers forced her mind to think about these people’s Ramadan celebrations.

She says that it was not for the first time that she had encountered slum dwellers or had came across such predicament. But it was only that moment which led her to introspect. Shabnam’s mind got preoccupied with the thought of these people and she kept on thinking about how she could help these needy people. That Ramadan indeed led to the awakening of Shabnam’s soul. She immediately contacted her near relatives and friends and decided to raise fund for the needy people.


“Think of giving not only as a duty but as a privilege.”

– John Rockefeller

Shabnam has proved the sanctity of the above quote and has proved to be different from all of us. Unlike a lot of people Shabnam decided to help those who are in need. There are a lot of people who are abled but simply ignorant about their surroundings. There’s a message in this entire scenario, that Ramadan the Almighty had chosen Shabnam to be the messiah for those people. She was blessed to have realised her duty as an individual. Selfless people like them prove that we need to our bit and try to make a difference.

Team Dua has been working for more than three years now and gradually with the onslaught of time they have started extending their help in various parts of India. They have visited old age homes with sweets, clothes food packets and warmth. They have conducted donation drive for riot affected families. They have distributed clothes and food in several slums. Till now more than seventy blankets and warm clothes have been donated by them to the ones who crave from an inch of cloth. They did tremendously marvelous job amidst the pandemic. The lockdown caused by the coronavirus had impacted the daily wage workers in the worst possible manner and amidst this they distributed more than 450 ration kits to several needy families across India. They proudly declare to have helped around 3000 individuals. Look at the beauty of one single sight that led to one single thought.

Ration kit distribution

The team members of this beautiful foundation include Afsana Bano, Tarana Bano, Jyoti Singh, Pooja Saha, Amirun Nisha, Danish Reza, Fahim Akhtar, Avishek Nandi, Md Rehan, Arman Hossain, Amit Sharma and Saddam Jameel. The pluralism you see in this set of names is indeed beautiful and has proved the true sense of “United India”. Their team collaborated with local NGOs in Punjab and successfully distributed 400 dry ration kits to the needy families. Each kit included sufficient 30 days food.

Dua Foundation in Punjab

May your “tribe” grow Shabnam Banu.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Muhammad Ali

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