The entire world is on the verge of lockdown and people are staying indoors in order to maintain social distancing from one another to help prevent the deadly virus. You may be having a mental breakdown because of boredom and loneliness but there are many like you. And this is the right time for you to focus on your mental and physical health. There is a limit to how much you can watch Netflix or gulp down mugs of coffee. So, what can you actually do during your time at home?

Your lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean your learning needs to stop. On the contrary, it can provide you with the much needed time to work on yourself.

You just need to find ways and you can be productive during this social distancing. Make yourself better suited for the times to come.


Work on your hobby

This can be anything that you are just interested in and that you like to do. Now, let me elaborate this with an example, if you are a good dancer you can always practise more and more dancing in this time, record your videos and upload it on various social media platforms in order to get the reviews. If you find the right platform you may even start to teach dancing through your own channel. You never know you may even start earning from these videos. Moreover, keeping yourself busy and indulging yourself in something that you love to do is always better than being anxious and bored.

Build new habit leaving the bad ones

Many people want to get rid of the addiction of smoking. This is the right time for the action. Make a suitable environment by clearing your room off ash trays, cigarette packs etc. Set a target date by which you will be a non smoker. Challenge yourself to face the craving with super strong determination for few days and gradually you will be able to control your craving. Focus on the benefits of quitting smoking and avoid any trigger moments which can lead you to resume your smoking habit. Deal with hand to mouth motion by keeping healthy options like dry fruits or water bottle with you. Believe me you can do this because you have ample time to focus on yourself.

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All the travelling time and time for getting ready for work is getting saved in the morning. Instead of simply wasting your time scrolling or simply loitering in the room use this time to meditate. Meditation can do wonders for you. A short morning meditation increases positive energy, calmness and productivity throughout the day. Start with basic breathing exercise then move to deep meditation. You can also use meditation in the evening to unwind, relax, and distress.


Finish off your work that is always pending

Deep clean your house. Start from your working desk, slowly moving to the kitchen shelf and then to the balcony. This will allow you to be much more productive, you will feel better about yourself and find yourself more focused. Organize your e-mails. Our inbox is filled with a few thousand e-mails always and some of the e-mails are unnecessary and not important for us. Delete these e-mails and unsubscribe from random newsletters that you never wanted to subscribe to.

Help people around you

Talk to your mother or father or any elderly person and ask them if they wanted to do anything when they were young but couldn’t do it because life took another way for them. If your mother is a great cook or she knows various stitching hacks, you should sit with her and discuss the idea of starting her very own YouTube channel.

Start regular exercise and yoga

Stuck with the question, “Where to start?” right? You don’t need any specific time or place for certain workouts. Use BASIC movements, that are not too complicated or hard to perform. There are dance workout steps too tune in to the songs and start tapping your feet. Basically, anything and everything works as long as you wish to work on yourself. Learn basic yoga stretches to increase flexibility & blood circulation.

Start Reading

Reading means getting an unlimited supply of knowledge that can transform any area of your life. You can read about health, relationship, spirituality and finance. These things are the actual things that matter in our lives. Start with reading 10 pages. It not only helps you in getting knowledge but also it helps you to reduce stress.

Start reading your holy books if you ever wanted to read them

Holy spiritual books deal with transcendence, and our minds are trained to deal with the mundane. We need to keep in mind that cultural concepts spoken of in these books aren’t as important as the spiritual substance of the text. So it’s important to be open minded, and go through these books with patience and an attitude of trust.


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Param Bohra · July 28, 2020 at 10:19 am

Things turns out best for those, who make the best out of things turned out to them.

Lockdown as Ankita said is a chance to redevelop ourself, re educate ourself and relive ourself.

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