The theme of Doctor’s Day 2019 was “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishments”. But there is a big question in front of all of us-

Have we recognized the importance of doctors in our lives ?

With more number of corona virus infected patients rising each day, more number of people self-isolating themselves, doctors are the only messiah who are constantly battling for the lives of people. Doctors have continued to be the greatest heroes even in this situation.

Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

1st July, is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day in India to emphasize the value of doctors in our lives. It is celebrated in the memory of Bharat Ratna awardee Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, the second Chief Minister of West Bengal and a legendary physician who had created history by getting included in the list of few doctors with FRCS and MRCP degrees simultaneously.


The purpose of celebration of National Doctor’s Day is to aware people about the importance and sacrifice made by the doctors. But the treatment done to the doctors in the middle of the pandemic has clearly indicated that this purpose has not been fulfilled yet!

The shocking incidents of stone pelting at the ambulance and doctors in different parts the country has showed us the insensitivity of people towards the doctors. Even after these incidents doctors did not let us down instead they were back to their work even after such odious incidents. Dr Zakiya Sayed was a part of the team of healthcare workers who were pelted with stones by local residents in Indore. Still she chose to get back to her work and that is really impressive.

During this pandemic doctors have been suffering in all ways possible, they have been tortured both physically and mentally. Many doctors were denied entry into their rented apartments because the other residents of the colony had unanimously decided to not let them in fearing the spread of corona virus. I wonder how could people be so insensitive, literally doctors have extended their service to the people even amidst the PPE crisis. This entire scenario was disturbing at so many levels that famous celebrities like Hema Malini and Javed Akhtar too condemned this mishap.

Famous words of the first female doctor Elizabeth Blackwell-


“The idea of winning a doctor’s degree gradually assumed the aspect of a great moral struggle and the moral fight possessed immense attraction for me.”

Her quote itself reveals a lot about a doctor’s intellect .

Thankfully, the government has passed an ordinance, The Epidemic Diseases(Amendment) ordinance, 2020 to protect all health workers, including ASHA workers across India. It was a long pending demand of the doctors after the Maharashtra incident 2015, in which a resident doctor was assaulted by a deceased person’s relative.

Luckily we still have certain number of responsible citizens who understand the doctor’s sacrifice for the society and they are the ones showing flower petals on the doctors in acknowledgment of the service of the doctors. Even armed forces had showered flower petals over a hospital in Vijayawada and IAF chopper showered flower petals on Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad.

So, this Doctor’s Day let us pledge to respect our heroes serving humanity and leaving no stone unturned to cure patients irrespective of any circumstances. Let us keep this in mind that even doctors are dying due to this deadly virus while treating their patients but it has not let any doctor back off from extending his service to the mankind. We need a doctor’s assistance to help our mothers bring us in this world, we need a doctor’s signature on our death certificate after our demise and we need a doctor in between to heal us, cure us and rehabilitate us.

So, can’t we just be sincere enough to show some decency to such angles?


Happy Doctor’s Day to all the doctors reading this. This piece of writing is dedicated to the doctors and physicians in our lives to show them how important they are to us and how indispensable their service is.

More power to the doctors!

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Param Bohra · July 21, 2020 at 9:29 am

Not only doctors are giving physical relief to their patients but they are helping them to stay morally charged with positivity. The situation were people were having hopeless end, the doctors turned it as endless hope. The divinity is respectable. Thanks Ankita for spreading awareness.

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