There is something wrong with the nation’s air. India is witnessing an upsurge of hate speech and polarization inducing words by the politicians all around. Somehow this has proved to disrupt the social fabric of India in the recent past. In certain pockets of the nation cases of mob lynching had become a trend lately. Violence and hatred filled incidents has managed a space in the newspaper almost everyday. The recent case of the Muslim child Asif, itself heartbreaking and thought provoking.


“A disturbing video of allegedly thrashing a child for drinking water inside a temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the alleged accused, identified as Shringi Nandan Yadav can be seen asking the child’s name, to which he replied ‘Asif’. In no time, the alleged accused can be seen brutally beating the kid and twisting his hand for just drinking water inside a temple.”

Reported by : NewsRoom Post

Why do Indian Muslims need to prove their patriotism? :

This continent sized country had been thriving in unity since its independence but in the recent past the mayhem of criminal activities associated with politics has not only cost lives but also has created disharmony among people to an extent that they have literally forgotten the difference between right and wrong.

Unfortunately, this criminalized political pattern where local goons are hired as party workers is gradually becoming a pattern in every state. The worst affected are the common people who walk out of their house just to earn their bread, this includes people from all sections of the society who simply want to live and thrive.


Some people have started to do it in the name of nationalism. But they aren’t aware of the fact that : Nationalism is beyond the explicit showcase of love for the motherland, instead it is about the imbibed patriotism and loyalty buried in the hearts of the people. People from all faiths who bravely came forward to overpower the colonizers define “Nationalism”.

Citizens from all race and religion shall be given equal treatment because that is something which is written in our constitution ( Article 15 ). The supreme power shall not be enjoyed by the majority and all citizens shall be given the freedom they are entitled to as mentioned in the constitution.


Nothing else but Sorry Asif.

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Anirban · March 15, 2021 at 8:29 am

Not only in India but all over the world a poisonous air is blowing in the name of religion race

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