We often come across people who cannot approve of other people’s religion. Some are instigated by idol worshipers, some gets offended by the dress worn by a particular religion while some discriminate on the basis of the notion of the supremacy of their religion. You we are allowed to have opinions but we are never allowed to ‘discriminate’. Why have we stopped believing in the concept of peaceful co-existence? If an individual is humble, kind, generous, honest and friendly then how does it matter which particular faith he or she is following?

Religion teaches us the lesson of peace, non-violence, compassion and tolerance. No religion believes in spreading hatred or instigating violence. So, when we actually develop a toxic behavior for someone because of the faith he/she follows what justice are we doing to the teachings of our faith? A deep introspection is required for those who believe they can promote their religion’s supremacy or prove the righteousness of their religion by looking down upon the people of other faiths or through the method of hatred. People generally refrain from accepting interfaith couples and this is really not done! Two people in love “not accepted” just because they follow different faiths. Sounds okay?

How many interfaith marriages have you come across?

Often interfaith marriage couples do not receive acceptance from their own family members and friends. While getting married these couples sometimes even encounter people who try to convince them from stepping back from their marriage decision by citing several inter religion marriage problems or post marriage ill ramifications like -“Family with people belonging to different faiths never works ” and “The children will follow which religion?”. Believe me love and understanding are the only two things required for a marriage to be a successful and a happy marriage. I say this because I have come across a mesmerizing inter faith family. Sharing their story with you all here :


“Be certain that in the religion of Love there are no believers and unbelievers. LOVE embraces all.” 

― Rumi

The man in this marriage has been raised by parents who themselves follow different religion so apparently he never had any sort of toxicity inculcated in himself. Though the lady is a staunch follower of her religion but she respects every religion. Their relationship commenced when they were in school studying in standard VIII. They completed their schooling and got admission in the same college. Things worked absolutely fine, they started working and they decided to tie the knot. The lady’s family was reluctant to accept the marriage since the man belonged to some other religion. She tried to convince her family but her parents were firm and the real struggle started with this. The girl declared that she would not marry anyone else. A few months passed and the father of this man went to the lady’s house to talk to her father.

He made him understand that these kids may take a step that will be upsetting both the families and this isn’t the right thing to do. He further added some rational points and somehow the lady’s father agreed but he declared that his wife and he himself will not be present there for the wedding. Contrary to this all her siblings were overwhelmed and decided to do the best possible arrangements for their sister. Their dream of marrying each other finally got fulfilled.


The marriage took place in according to both the faiths, following all the customs. They are a happily married couple now, neither of them changed their religion and they have decided they will leave it on their kids to follow the religion of his/her choice.

This couple has literally proved what it is to be a tolerant, loving, compassionate and happily married couple. According to them after their marriage they do not particularly face any sort of specific problem. May God bless them and many other couples who are struggling to seek acceptance from their families. There is no point hating a religion or disliking people who do not belong to the faith you follow. Your religion never taught you hatred, so which religion are you actually following?

 “May these vows and this marriage be blessed.” 

– Rumi

Look around you will definitely find some inter religion marriage success stories.


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