What makes us so intolerant that we cannot stand a human being?

Racism, xenophobia, intolerance towards lgbtq+ people and religious intolerance are problems prevalent in all societies. We often hear news of someone being killed or brutally tortured because he or she was black or was attacked for belonging to a particular faith or was a member of lgbtq or was simply unbearable to some people. We all are HUMAN beings first, what makes us so intolerant to people who have been created by god. It is absolutely okay to be a modest human being irrespective of our creed, religion, colour, origin and place of birth.

Racial discrimination is well known to everyone and I feel we must acknowledge this preposterous stigma. Can you recall the great Nelson Mandela? The man who defined philanthropy, he has set an example in front of the whole world that the skin colour of a human being does not affect the possession of grey matter. A humble, modest, honest and compassionate human being shall not be rejected by someone on the basis of his skin colour. The stigma related to the black people is extremely absurd. I remember visiting a public garden where a family of African descent too had visited, they has a girl of around six years old with them. The white skin children literally mocked and bullied her. The little girl had started crying after this and I saw her parents consoling her. Please readers introspect, is it normal to treat a kid in this manner? Why didn’t the parents of those children who were bullying her stop them from doing this? It is really upsetting how we are okay to see a child in tears. We have prejudices of our own and this led to the unequal treatment with that girl.


Next coming to the religious intolerance. If someone belongs to a different faith and has been worshiping without imposing their religious beliefs on others, I feel the person is not wrong anywhere. Religious intolerance is intolerance against another’s religious beliefs or practices. No religion teaches violence and hatred, still some of us somehow decide to judge a person on his religious believes. Who sounds to be the sinner here? We, the judgmental people or that human who is a peaceful worshiper? Refusing to tolerate practices, persons or beliefs on religious grounds, holds water? It takes nothing to spread love and peace. Let us make the earth a better place to live.

Now, coming to homophobia. Cases of attack on LGBTQ+ members are so frequent that it has become a very common news in the newspapers on a daily basis. Lgbtq pride and lgbtq rights are opposed. Lgbtq equality is barely promoted. Hating the LGBTQ community is stupid because God has created them in this manner. Why do we have to show this toxicity to people who love each other? Why should someone’s personal preference cause suffering to so many people that they become abusive and violent about it? Anybody who just goes from loving to hateful in a matter of seconds when they find out that somebody’s sexuality differs from theirs, then surely it is the time for introspection.


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Fearing or hating things or people that are different from your own, sounds normal? You don’t like difference but in particular you don’t have any reason for this dislike. Appreciate distinctive population and world diversity, because that has been gifted by God since Almighty is the one who has created all of us. Each individual has to work to overcome their fears of those who are different from themselves in order to build connections with others. Try to overcome inter-human conflict and prejudice in order to attain a more peaceful soul.


Each and every one of us plays a role in either contributing to or breaking down prejudice and intolerant attitudes. Please educate yourself on the subject before commenting on it or before spreading toxicity. Stereotypes are found everywhere, we can’t avoid them, but we can certainly ignore them. If people could just be accepting, which really isn’t that hard and everyone was treated equally then it would be different. Remember one thing that any kind of violence is terribly wrong.

Let’s teach love, peace and understanding not hate or negativity.


James · August 9, 2020 at 2:45 pm

Very beautifully you have spoken about the ongoing hatred in the entire world. After the Black Lives Matter protest the intolerance nature has been explicitly highlighted. Xenophobic people too can be seen across the globe and yes things need to change before it is too late. Let us being today.

Ross · August 11, 2020 at 10:04 pm

It feels nice that at least some people who think this way still exist! Shine brighter you ball of sunshine☉

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