Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the only captain in the history of Cricket to win all ICC trophies has inspired a lot of young cricketers. But the legend has other great skills apart from his cricket mastery, MSDIANS need to learn about his legacy beyond his captaincy.

“The best compliment for me is when someone says they’ll pay to watch me play, And I can say that I’ll pay to watch MS Dhoni bat. MS is not the next Gilchrist. He’s the first MS Dhoni.”

Adam Gilchrist

Dhoni teaches us to always dream big

Dhoni’s father, an employee at MECON was way too happy when Dhoni got a job in Indian Railways. Inspite of Dhoni’s humble background he always had a bigger dream compared to others. He always believed in himself and that led him to be India’s most appreciable captain.


Dhoni’s dedication towards his passion

Dhoni’s life from Ticket Collector to World Cup-winning Indian cricket team’s captain teaches us about the level of dedication and passion one requires to have in order to achieve something big. His 4 hours cricket practice after his 9 am to 4 pm job as TC is a highly commendable thing.

Dhoni the ‘Captain Cool’


Dhoni’s composure even in the toughest situation teaches us that high-pressure situations are a part of life. Dhoni has been never seen in an aggressive state.

“He has that uniqueness to respond to a tough situation with ease. He does not involve himself much emotionally, and that’s his quality. India are lucky to have a captain like Dhoni”

VVS Laxman

Dhoni’s self motivation

Dhoni never relied on any one else’s motivational speeches. Dhoni did not belong to a family with cricket background nor had he any contact of any national level player. He only had his knack for cricket and that kept him motivated enough to work hard for his dreams.

Dhoni’s perfect work life balance


Dhoni’s girlfriend had passed away in a tragic accident, while he was playing South Africa. His wife gave birth to their first child Ziva Dhoni while he was playing the 2015 world cup at Australia. Neither of the two incidents made an impact on Dhoni’s professional life and he silently kept on doing his duty as a team member.

“He is a great leader by example. Someone whom I have always admired.”

Rahul Dravid


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