What is equality and why is it important for every person? God created men and women equal but unfortunately women have been living under subjugation since a very long time. Well, there is a fear which has been created by the F-word yeah, I mean ‘FEMINISM’. I see a lot of people refraining themselves from being stated as a feminist. But do we actually know the meaning of feminism? And most importantly Why do we need it?

These days feminist bashing happens online, but there was a man named Premchand born in the year 1880 who not only recognized the plight of women around him but also wrote a beautiful book “Nirmala” to pen down his thoughts. Premchand believed that feminism is about equality he has never written a single sentence that is against men but has always focused on extremities that women had been living under. Premchand has proved to be a perfect example of a male feminist. Actually hating men and being a feminist are actually not connected at all. In fact there is no need to be pro women in order to be a feminist.

The word feminism has become unpopular because too many self identified feminists have adopted men hating and female supremacy as their goal instead of equality, this is toxic feminism. Jasleen Kaur case in fact fuels this mindset of being anti feminism but why do we have to be so judgmental with a few handful cases, women do not hate all the men just because some of them are the wrong doers. Premchand had proved through his writings that there is no need to be a women in order to be a feminist. Because the concept of feminism believes in equality for women, but not supremacy.


“Feminists” who harass men are not feminists, who believe women are superior to men are not feminists, who want special treatment are not feminists, who harass anti feminists are not feminists. Feminism never means women getting over the heads of men.

‘Nirmala’ which is written by Munshi Premchand is a women centric novel which highlights the then present social stigma of ‘dowry system’. The story is about the life of a young girl ‘Nirmala’. She was forced into a mismatched marriage with an elderly widower with three children. The age of Nirmala and her husband’s son was same. This was done to her because her mother could not afford to pay a good dowry for her. Nirmala accepts her fate and starts treating those children as her own.

When men like Nirmala’s husband used to exist, who used to marry girls of their daughter’s age and when women were living a life under complete oppression men like Premchand stood out from the crowd and addressed the prevailing problems associated with women. This itself is very remarkable because it takes courage to stand alone for the righteousness. I wish this world had more and more number of minds with the same intellect. Premchand books have always carried a deep message in them.


This Premchand Jaynti take a bow and try to inculcate the virtue of the great novelist Munshi Premchand.

In the 1800 Indian women used to face a lot of problems and I shall never say this, that in 2020 Indian women have been completely liberated but yes we all have to agree that the current scenario is much better. “Sati” system has been completely banned, there is a law for the banishment of child marriage, there are laws for several other issues which women face like domestic violence and dowry system. But there is question for the readers. Are the laws sufficient enough for killing the evil practices like dowry and domestic violence against women?

Men fighting for equal rights for women will help them realize problems that the opposite sex have to deal with. Are you a feminist? If you believe in equality for everyone, both men and women – then you are a feminist.

Dear men if Premchand could have been a feminist back then what stops you from becoming one now?

Helping out women, standing up for them and their problems won’t belittle anyone. If you help a woman, you may help a mother who never knew anything about her own happiness, you may help a daughter walk on street without any fear, you may liberate a sister from the shackles of patriarchy or you may just end up helping yourself by uplifting your own morality.



SHASHANK · July 31, 2020 at 2:12 pm

The articles are always worth reading…keep rising up and continue to be a ghost writer👍🏋️ .more power to you

Nilay Roy · July 31, 2020 at 2:38 pm

One should read this article to understand real feminism.

Anand Roy · August 1, 2020 at 7:50 am

Very well written

Shweta Thakur · August 1, 2020 at 11:00 am

Very good article. Keep up your good work.

Param Bohra · August 1, 2020 at 10:33 pm

Its a nature of karma which gives you what you gave. We have to be conscious that as an individual we should not resist anybody’s basic living rights.

Words like feminism shows that how badly female society needed a language to Express their virtual imprisonment.

Its bitter but truth to say that helplessness we are facing is result of helplessness we showed to any person (irrespective of gender) at any point of our souls journey.

Its an honour that Ankita raises such a topic which empowers and help other to visualise things clearly. Well done Ankita and keep encouraging through your writings.😀

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