Some parents can’t stop worrying that they’re gonna mess raising up their children or that their kid’s gonna have it tough. Though, there is no definition of good parenting or bad parenting and most parents are confident in their parenting skills still parents end up making mistakes. Sometimes parents teach their kids the wrong lessons that influence them in the worst possible way. Here’s some parenting tips for those parents who keep on searching for parenting articles. Make sure they understand that life isn’t about high grades and a big bank account. Make sure they understand to grow up kind, compassionate and happy. Encourage your child to be a good person who believes in humanity.

A child should not have to sacrifice their own interests and goals to please others, and they shouldn’t let anyone force them to do something they don’t want to do. In an attempt to make children the best we are creating a generation of neurotics. By loading kids with high expectations and micromanaging their lives at every turn, parents aren’t actually helping. One of the reasons for anxiety, depression, suicide, toxic relationships, and failed marriages is that we try to fulfill the UNREALISTIC GOALS that SOCIETY demands from us. Parents need to stop defining their children’s success via grades and test scores. Encourage your child to express their feelings in a safe way. Gentle parenting is always a hit!


Parents should teach their kids to talk openly about unfair or difficult situations and be patient if some of the stories they tell don’t really seem like a big deal through the eyes of an adult. There is no need of being toxic parents who yell and shout at their children for very silly reasons. Children need more time with parents. It’s the simple things that touch them, take a walk and just listen to them. Tell jokes and laugh together. Hug them everyday. This will help them to inculcate positive discipline within them. The most important thing is to pray and ask God to guide you in raising them. Honest mistakes don’t need to be punished. If your child gets a bad grade or flunks a test, that might mean they just need help with a tough subject.

“Children will listen to you after they feel listened to.”

Jane Nelsen

Parents just need to understand that raising happy kids is much more important than raising so called successful kids. Teach them to find their passion. Finding their passion will lead them to their purpose. Kids need to learn work ethics, that work can be boring, but we have to do our best anyway. The important thing is that working makes us feel good about ourselves, for whatever reason (feeling competent, gratification, money, helping others, passion…).


Learn how to implement encouraging and effective strategies to raise happy, confident, and capable children. Develop better communication with your kid so that you can help prevent discipline problems, as well as handle tantrums and other common, undesirable behaviors. Be respectful to your children even though they are your ‘children’. Lots of parents just take an authoritarian role. Childhood is an extremely important time of a child’s life. It is a time where they learn and grow the most. The things kids learn, see, and hear when they are children are what shape the type of person they will eventually become when they are older.

Kids need absolutely clear boundaries to feel safe and there need to be consequences if they push the boundaries and do not follow the rules. Acknowledge desires or feelings. Do not use punishments as consequences, as punishments are petty, instead maintain your calm and take away a privileged like no screen time today. Accept your child’s negative response. Handling these situations with empathy and acceptance will preempt the cycle and prevent them from becoming a daily occurrence. Raising children is not at all an easy task to do. No parenting quotes, good parenting articles and parenting 101 tips can make you a mindful parent until you yourself understand the importance of parenting. Several people have different kind of parenting styles but make sure you create an aura of positive parenting.


Come on, be the parent your child deserves.

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.”

Nelson Mandela

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Param Bohra · August 6, 2020 at 12:01 am

We need democratic parenting. The parenting given to us by our parents are still not able to solve the problem of generation gap. If parenting is same at all generation level then why this gap forms??
The reason I feel is the decision making skill. We are told to follow decision. We are not taught how to make decision. If we understand the skill, we will never observe the gap. As all will be taking decisions sensibly. However kids are the precious coin of future. We have to understand importance of proper parenting as deliberated by our friend Ankita. Thanks for a sensitive awareness.

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