In October 2017, Sara Arzoo and Neelam Drolia along with their friends and cousins participated in a cleanliness event ‘The Daan Utsav by Bhumi NGO’. They cleaned Kolkata’s Jannagar Road which is one of the most dirty localities of Kolkata. The next day they participated in a ‘breakfast distribution’ event near Girish Park, Kolkata. They were moved by the peace they attained by reaching out to these people and the most striking thing they discovered that day was the “Power of unity”. They realized that masses have the power to help masses. This event played a great role in triggering their subconscious empathetic minds which always wanted to help out people. This is how they decided to lay the foundation stone of their own NGO ‘Saksham’.

“Charity sees the need, not the cause”

German Proverb

These two young girls have proved the sanctity of this German proverb through their action. And this shall be said because a lot of us come across such events but unlike them we do not end up initiating an NGO. They did really see the need of those underprivileged people who were deprived of basic necessities. Indeed their work is laudable.

They started with a large amount of volunteers but with the onslaught of time a lot of people left the NGO because they are unregistered hence they don’t provide with any sort of certificates. Seriously this a matter of contemplation, just because the NGO couldn’t provide with acknowledgement certificates a few people decided to quit. Unfortunately being a part of charitable trust or charity organizations and even its associated charitable donations have become a matter of showcase for some people. We need to understand a very basic thing – “Everything is not done for the sake of gathering praise.”

Blanket distribution event

But these great people decided to carry on with their dwindling group members and currently they are a group of 25 people. In the Management team they have : President- Sara Arzoo, Vice President- MD. Hamza, Treasurer- Saarim Azam, Secretary- Zarnain Shakil and Ass. Secretary- Samia Kalim. Their core team includes PR and Branding head- Argha Das and Naima Nikhat, Financers – Muskan Raitani and Samia Kalim, Event Managers – MD Sadique and Shireen Fathma. The other members of ‘Saksham’ includes Afifa Naushad, Iram Ali and Muskan Singhania. The best thing that can be seen in this awesome set of names is the inclusion of such diversity. These people really prove that their is no religion above the religion of humanity. With limited resources they have continued to help needy people from all spheres of life. Members of ‘Saksham’ have decided to get it registered soon.

Members of ‘Saksham’

They carried out their first charitable event on 14th, November2017- they celebrated Children’s day at Calcutta Muslim Orphanage. They arranged for snacks and a game party for these children. They claim that they realized that – “The way to be happy is to make others happy”. They celebrated World Health Day with the kids of two slum schools: Umeed- Hope for a better tomorrow and Step up school. They conducted a free health check up camp with the help of the final year interns of medical colleges. This was organized with the help of their talented volunteer Afifa Naushad. They also conducted an art competition for the deaf and dumb children at the Oral School for Deaf and Dumb.

On 14th November next year they celebrated Children’s Day with the kids of SOS village and Umeed- Hope For a Better Tomorrow. They also organized a picnic for the kids of Umeed at Eco Park. From January 2019 they started a weekly event of science and arts with the kids of Umeed. Every Saturday they started indulging the kids in amazing science and arts activities. In April 2019, with the help of their member Sadaf Naaz they collected some story books and some primary school books for a free school’s library at Turtuk in Ladakh, to help out the children over there. “Donate books and help people”.


They have extended their support to the needy women too. They have started their free self defense learning camp especially for women. On 8th March 2018 they joined hands with the Women and Children’s Development Care at Lake Gardens to protest with the women against the injustice done to women. They distributed some handbags as gifts and also some food packets to the women.

They have carried out several distribution activities like, the clothes distribution event with the People of Rotaract club at Mazdurpara, Eid food distribution at the Park Circus slum and Dara Para slum, a blanket distribution drive at Girish Park and an entire one month’s Ramadan ration kit distribution to 48 families of daily wage earners who were suffering due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Food donation is one of the best kind of donations one can ever do.

“The best way to find yourself
Is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

We all have known about the beauty of giving and these people have proved through their work that there is nothing more beautiful than giving. They only had the urge to help people and rest of the things followed. These people are a source of inspiration to the youth and their work is incredible.


You too have the “Power of giving” until you realize it!

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