Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, etcetera are all a part of our environment but we refrain from making these topics a part of our conversation. It is really difficult to struggle with any sort of mental health disorder because mental health is highly stigmatized. Unfortunately people who struggle with these any sorts of mental health issue have to face tremendous social stigma and this makes them die a thousands death while they are alive.

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It is really difficult to be able to understand any one who is struggling with mental health issues because we can never feel them. Hence here’s a compilation of stories of people who have walked out of the storm. This might be a help for those struggling souls who are trying to figure out a source of sunshine. You will heal, you will definitely heal one day.


Salena Gomez

There is no one who could be spared with mental health issues. Name, fame and money too do not help in battling this. But there’s hope and you need to believe in yourself in order to understand that “You shall overcome”.

Finding balance in bipolar

This is really going to be helpful for those who are struggling to find solace in their bipolar disorder. This personal storytelling is really inspiring. You are doing fine and you can do better.

The most overlooked depression : Postnatal Depression

Having a baby can have unexpected effect on a parent’s mental health. New parents may experience extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, crying episodes, irritability, panic attack, health anxiety, social anxiety, sleep anxiety, morning anxiety and changes in sleeping or eating patterns due to postpartum depression.


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Learning To Live With Depression

The World Health Organization has estimated that 20% of the world’s population suffers from mental disorder at some point in their lifetime. And how normal do you think it is to be suffering from mental health issues?

If you are someone among this 20% population, then believe me it is absolutely okay! It may take time but the storm will be over one day for sure.

Stories that matter

This particular video will make you relate to your personal experiences. Dealing with depression and anxiety and everything feels like hell. But never forget that you have a lot of people supporting and loving you. Please stay beside them and stay away from those people who make your life more miserable.


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