Depression is no joke it just holds you back from doing the things you love, it haunts you every second of every minute of every hour of every day. It is a non stop dark hole that never seems to end nothing gets better no one helps. Depression effects sleep schedule, appetite, it effects mood and everything that one do. People feel like everything is pointless. They feel hopeless and everything seems to be dull, Some may even have suicidal thoughts. They feel like giving up. They may have several moments where they question the meaning of life and whether they want to live it or not.

People don’t really talk about it to their parents or friends because they don’t take it seriously. They don’t feel like talking about it to anybody because it makes them uncomfortable and they have a fear that no one will understand. All this happens because mental health is highly stigmatized and this is preposterous.

So, if you could be a help for one single hurting soul then do be that help. There are many broken people out there. Just hope everyone feels better, extend your support to your loved ones. Make sure you help them in the best possible manner.

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1.Tell them these words

“Go easy on yourself, you’re doing the best you can, and that’s enough. Tomorrow will be better, please have some faith.”


2.Just be there with them

Being told “just cheer up there’s so much to be happy about” is like telling a person with asthma “just breathe, there’s so much air”. Sometimes a meaningful hug would really help, no need to say anything. Just be with them by their side, no words just warmth.

3.Do not compare!!!

If you haven’t experienced depression yourself, avoid comparing it to time you’ve felt down. Comparing what they’re experiencing to normal temporary feeling of sadness, can make them feel guilty for struggling. Mind you depression isn’t a personality trait.

4.Never say these things

1.Everyone has bad days : it is more than that please do not say these words.

2. This will get better : You are there to calm the person, do not say these words because the other person will want

3. I understand what you’re going through : No, you cannot understand what your the person is feeling right now because it is really difficult to be in someone else’s shoes.

4. You just need to snap out of it : It is rather rude to say this please don’t be so rude. If it would have been such a trivial issue they would have definitely snapped it out. Right?

5. Think about all the good things in your life : If the person would have been this stable, then they would have been depressed right? Please don’t aggravate things by saying such things.


5.Ask them to Meditate

The first main point is that meditation improves learning, memory and self-awareness. Mindfulness meditation decreases feelings of loneliness. It Lengthens your Attention Span. It may help fight addictions. It reduces stress and anxiety in general.

Check out this video, this may be a help for beginners.

6.Help them seek professional help

Depression is a real and challenging condition that combines biology, life experience, thoughts and actions to create a pattern that is difficult to break out of on your own, but with the right resources and support things can get way better! Go for therapy sessions with them. Do not refrain from seeking professional help for your loved ones rather help them out with their walk towards the professional help.

7.Encourage them to take ample sleep

If you stay with someone who is depressed. Try to indulge your loved one in peaceful and tight sleep. Sleep lowers the risk of developing depression. In a study of twins researchers found that short sleep increased the genetic risk of developing depression. In fact, it has been estimated that 90% of patients with depression also suffer from some from of sleep apnea. Getting the right amount of sleep improves hormones. Good sleep improves immune system.

Ask them to listen to this soothing tune, this may be a help for them.

8.Take them outside for a walk or for exercise

Research studies show that simple exposure to the color green is restorative, so if you can’t get outdoors, look at lush, green nature scenes online, for a virtual forest bathing experience. The mind perceives as real provides the same mental benefits as doing the real activity. Outdoor walks or exercise leaves us feeling less tired and more refreshed and the same exercise performed outdoors helps us to sleep more deeply and wake feeling more refreshed. This can increase mindfulness, reduce blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

9.Encourage them to socialize

Social well being, social connections or social interactions with other individuals is crucial to mental health, which in turn is crucial to overall health. The lack of social connections has shown to increase stress hormones, weaken the immune system, and lessen cardiovascular functions. People who are lonely tend to consume more alcohol, exercise less, have less quality sleep, and fatigue easily.

Take them out for a movie or for a dinner or to a party. But make sure they do not encounter people whom they do not want to meet. Sometimes the cause of the issue is somehow related to a specific person, hence it is better to avoid that person during the time of healing.


10.Take care of yourself

Your own mental health will suffer if you get too much engrossed in your loved one’s healing. Hence, it is important for you to take good care of yourself. Take ample sleep, do meditate, have faith things will be fine soon and eat healthy.


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