Why can’t we just let women be?
Why can’t we just let humans be?
Why can’t we just let humanity be?
Why can’t we let love, hope and peace be?

When it comes to choice a lot of women don’t have any say. They are denied the right to choose their profession, their right to choose their clothes, their right to carry out their lives according to their own will, etc.


Women across the world have felt the pain of the deep-rooted disease patriarchy. And one must never forget whatever women have today they have earned it all by themselves! Some fought to vote in USA, while some are still fighting to study in India. Unfortunately, there are some girls who are killed before they born.

“A young Saudi woman who wanted to assert her independence slipped away from her family during a holiday in Kuwait last week and boarded a plane for Thailand.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, said that her family was abusive and that she hoped to seek asylum in Australia.”

The New York Times

“That year (in 2013) I not only left home but also the PG course which I was pursuing from DU. There was no money. So, I took a room on rent and started teaching children. I also got part-time teaching jobs at private schools. Somehow, I continued my studies for civil services exams,” Sanju Rani Verma said.

The Statesman

These two women are miles apart but somehow share the same stories. They had to leave their home in order to live life on their own terms. One left home to avoid her abusive family while the other left simply to study.

The psychological impact of lockdowns due to the cornavirus pandemic has been felt in many countries. But for some it has been especially bad, because locked down became locked up for victims of domestic violence. Calls to abuse hotlines and police departments spiked around the globe. Before the pandemic, 1 in 3 women would already experience gender-based violence in their lifetime. This violence has a wide range of short- and long-term health consequences.


Women do not have the right to choose their clothing too! Attacking a women for her choice of clothes can never be justified. Imposing one’s own thought process on some one else does not even serve the faith. Wearing Hijab or not, should absolutely be the choice of Muslim Women, without any interference from anyone and any government. Some women actually want to wear it while some do not.

Women should be as they are and must exercise self choice. This is very plain and simple but the patriarchy doesn’t allow women to live on their own terms. Women have come a long way and sure will overcome one day.



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