While scrolling down the comment section of a religious post, I saw a few people mocking the religion and the religious people. The ones who were mocking claimed themselves to be atheist and they tried to prove that every religion is bogus and people follow their respective religion because they are irrational. Wait! If you think that the post was indicative of any sort of backwardness or was promoting supremacy of that particular religion then you are wrong. The post was promoting the idea of spirituality through prayers.

It is absolutely okay if you choose to be an atheist or an agnostic. But what makes you so toxic to question the rational of people who believe in their religion? Religion and faith are an integral part of people’s lives worldwide. If a person tries to find his peace through his preaching, I firmly believe there is no harm in it. Till the person is learning to be humble, loving, kind and compassionate through his holy book there isn’t any problem. No religion promotes violence and wrongdoings. There are certain people who indulge themselves in ill activities in the name of their religion and that is undoubtedly wrong. But what is the need of painting the entire group of believers with the same brush?


When a theist is in problem or any sort of difficulty he/she tries to connect with the Almighty in order to gain his peace of mind and strength to battle with his problems. There are different places of worship be it a Church, a Mosque, a Temple or a Gurudwara people visit these sacred places to attain peace. While praying a devotee involves himself/herself into conversation with the Almighty, it provides them solace. The theists claim to find mental satisfaction when they pray with pious minds. If anyone is attaining mental peace in any form in this chaotic world, there shouldn’t be any issue.

In today’s world almost everyone is bothered with something or the other, some of us are betrayed, some of us are repenting while some of us lack genuine people in our lives with whom we can have a conversation where we can share our thoughts. We all are suffering in some form or the other. In between all this negativity if someone is trying to find his/her peace through prayers, then it is a thing to rejoice because mental peace is priceless. Why do we have to be so prejudiced towards someone just because they have different opinion?


“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

~ Albert Einstein

We are all humans why can’t we stick together? If anyone is an advocate of a concept according to which there is no existence of God, then it is the personal choice of that individual and that should be respected. But mocking another human being who is humble and generous just because he is a theist doesn’t uplift an atheist’s personality. Having a different opinion is okay but generalizing and discriminating on the basis of someone else’s faith is absolutely wrong. There is no harm in practicing a religion if it helps in betterment of an individual or provides him with peace. Atheism does not promote demeaning peaceful people.

Everyone wants to be respected. Advocacy of Science is good but it should be kept in mind that “Science never teaches disrespect”. In fact there are many atheists who believe in the concept of co-existence of Science and Religion, they lead their lives and let others do the same. This blog does not intend to advocate the wrongdoings of some people who commit crimes in the name of their religion. These people themselves are not the true practitioners of their religion because no religion teaches anyone to be violent and aggressive. The purpose of this blog is to promote harmony among people with different mindsets.


“Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.” 

Dalai Lama XIV

Let’s make things EQUAL for everyone!!


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